Mike from Chatham

I found Joanne through a friend and went to see if she could help me with varicose veins on my feet and legs.  She recommended that I take 15 minutes and lay in the Sculpt Pod Pro. I was so surprised the difference just one treatment did to my veins.  I was also pleasantly surprised  to have feeling in my feet again. 15 years ago I had to undergo aggressive Chemo treatments and the side effect left me with no feeling in my feet. My sciatica is less intense too. I have 4 more treatments left and for the first time I’m feeling confident I found the cure to my aches and pains!!

Thanks TLC


Tecumseh laser is amazing; I have been doing Zerona and Venus Legacy for about 6 sessions now and my results have been amazing. The staff are super friendly and easy to talk with, as well as extremely knowledgeable about their products. I would definitely recommend this place.


One of the best days that has changed my life in a good way was the day I walked into TLC. I was overweight and had tried everything. I had the Zerona treatments. After my first treatment I lost 13 inches. After 6 treatments I lost another 12.75 inches. After my last treatment (12th) I lost another 11.5 inches. Total of 37.25 inches. I also lost 23 lbs. I feel better about myself and more confident. The team at TLC is amazing. They are supportive and non judgmental. I would recommend them to anyone look at laser treatments.


I've spent thousands of dollars trying to fix or at least manage my acne-prone skin. I finally found relief at Tecumseh Laser Centre! Joanne and Adrienne really put me at ease at my first visit - My experience with lasers has always been very painful with weeks of downtime so I was so excited for this 15-minute treatment that gave me results within just a few days and had absolutely zero downtime and for a great price! I've been happily treating my face monthly at TLC for the past 4 months, and I'm thrilled with the results. As someone who has suffered from acne my whole life I know this is something that I will probably have to continue to manage for the rest of my life but I'm very glad that I finally found a laser that leaves me feeling confident and really reduces/eliminates my breakouts! Big shoutout to TLC for my last-minute laser appointment less than 24 hours before I left on vacation - my skin was beautiful for my entire trip. So grateful!

Donna R.

On my first visit to TLC I was so impressed with what Joanne has done with the old Knights of Columbus building. The building has been transformed into a beautifully decorated, very welcoming spa! I was very nervous and apprehensive and really didn't know what to expect. Joanne and her staff, Amy and Sam put me immediately at ease and I felt welcome. Joanne explained the different treatments to me and asked what I wanted to do. I had gained some weight from sitting all last year nursing a rotator cuff injury and surgery and the weight was mostly around my middle and it would not come off even though I had lost weight. Joanne then suggested Zerona treatments. Although I had my doubts about it working I was desperate to try something so I purchased a package of nine treatments. I was measured before I started treatment and I went three times a week for three weeks. After 4 treatments, I was measured again and I knew I had lost inches because I could get into pants that I couldn't do up prior to starting the treatments. They were amazed at how much I had lost and so was I. After my last treatment I was measured again and lo and behold I had lost almost 21" in various places on my body including my arms, legs, around the bra line (no more bulges under the bra), my hips, stomach and my waist where I lost 4"! Needless to say I am thrilled and am looking forward to having a few more treatments to help me reach my goal. Thank you Joanne, Amy and Sam for your kindness, discretion and help through this. You are all great!!!

Debra W

I am a 57 year old woman that is thrilled to announce that I lost 16” of body fat in just 3 weeks with the Zerona. Prior to these treatments nothing I did was working. Thank you Tecumseh Laser Centre & your wonderful staff.


I cannot say enough about Tecumseh Laser Centre. I have had the most incredible experience there. Joanne and the staff have been there to guide me every step of the way through my journey to a healthier more glowing version of myself. They have been very accommodating to my schedule and all my questions. The atmosphere and all of the services that are available at Tecumseh Laser Centre are truly wonderful

Judy S

Their skin tightening treatments transformed my skin, and the Zerona sped up my weight loss so much! Immediately saw it slow down after I stopped my treatments. Still losing but so much faster with the Zerona and skin tightening package. I was given a great deal on my package and will definitely be going back.


Started Venus legacy on my thighs. I never wore shorts, because I was so self aware of my cellulite. I've had cellulite since I was little but after doing a package of these treatments, I am more confident, and for the first summer in YEARS- I've been wearing shorts! Feeling so much better, noticed a large difference in the dimpling. SO HAPPY!!!!


After taking multiple amounts of Advil for my shoulder pain, my son asked me why I wasn't using Celluma. Needless to say, I used it the entire week and I can now sit down and type without the pain.


Celluma has saved me in the last two weeks when I had a pinched nerve in my neck and a pulled muscle in my right front rib! Long live Celluma!


The results have been amazing. I had been accepting that pain and soreness as just something I would have to accept — no more. Since using the Celluma, the discomfort is much more manageable and shorter in duration.


I used Celluma during my recovery from a total shoulder replacement. After one year, I have recovered a greater-than-expected range of motion, and the surgery scar has virtually disappeared where Celluma was directly applied.