Sculpt Pod Pro

Complete Body Weight Loss + Skin Tightening... Change your body without surgery!

A Natural Approach to Weight Loss

Sculpt Pods use a patented process of the highest form of Infrared Heat, LED Red Light, Skin Tightening Cream, Massage + Vibration to slim, tone and tighten your body - all in one session!.


Check out these Before & Afters:

Benefits of the Sculpt Pod Include:

🌸 Weight Loss + Fat Reduction

🌸 Inch Loss

🌸 Skin Tightening

🌸 Cellulite Removal

🌸 Reproduction of Collagen

🌸 Breaks Down Scar Tissue

🌸 Diminishes Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

🌸 Accelerates the Natural Healing Process

🌸 Improves Lymphatic Drainage and Circulation

🌸 Reduces Stress + Fatigue

🌸 Relieves Discomfort Associated with Swelling

🌸 Improves Neuropathy Symptoms + Rheumatoid Arthritis



Sculpt Pod Testimonials

CC from Windsor

I went to Tecumseh Laser for some help with weight loss. I began with the Zerona and Sculpt Pod package. This really worked. I have lost inches and feel amazing. My energy level has increased and all my aches and pains have gone away. Highly recommend this and Jo Anne and her staff are so kind and helpful. If you need some help with your weight loss goals, come here. You will not be disappointed!


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Pod+ Laser. The fluid in my legs and side of my face is just about all gone. The pain in my body is decreasing with each treatment. You're an angel and I cant tell you what it means to me to wake up and be able to walk almost pain free. Love Bev, Thank you, Thank you!

R. Jansen

For the first time in 20 years I am able to kneel down in church & stand for the entire thing, Thanks to the Sculpt pod & TLC. I have purchased a membership to continue to improve.


Would definitely recommend to try. I'm pleasantly surprised, I've lost 2" already.

Anna W

... Definitely recommended, I lost 1 inch around my waist after the first session!

LaChina J

It got everything to moving and I lost 3 lbs in the 1st week.

Maria S

... The procedure is painless and very relaxing to me. Its been a very positive experience throughout my 6 sessions. I have seen a difference in my stretchmarks and bloating issues. These have been reduced and look and feel much better.

Dawn T

... I have lost 10lbs in the Sculpt Pod!! Would recommend it if you want to lose weight and don't love to work out!...

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